Lectures of the Sustainable Mobility OptiTrans conference on 19th September



Lectures of the Sustainable Mobility OptiTrans conference on 19th September

Optirans (Optimization of public transport for greening regional mobility. This project is implemented through the INTERREG EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF) project starts on January 2017. Granada Energy Agency is a partner of the European OPTITRANS project within the second call of the Interreg Europe 2014-2020 Operational Program. The Interreg Europe Operational Program Management Committee issued a resolution approving project PGI01997, “OPTITRANS: Optimization of Public Transport Policies for Green Mobility”, and in such a way that the project officially begins on 1st January 2017, its completion being scheduled on December 31th, 2021.

Taking advantage of the European Mobility Week “Sharing get’s you further” (16th-22nd September: http://www.mobilityweek.eu/) we organized the OPTITRANS international event on the 19th and 20th of September. This event consists of an exchange of experiences and training of technicians and municipal officials, so that the different municipalities are aware of actions applicable in their own municipalities to improve mobility. Now, the lectures of the event are available for everyone to be downloaded.


Program: You can download the program here Program of the Conference.

Brief introduction to OPTITRANS project, Optimization of public transport for greening regional mobility:

MAIN OBJECTIVE: Innovative solutions to increase the modal split share of public transport in suburban and rural areas.

KEY ACTIONS: OptiTrans is increasing the capacity of public authorities and their subordinated bodies responsible for public transport planning and organization, OptiTrans is adopting action plans to introduce novel approaches improving public policies, OptiTrans is contributing to a change of attitude giving way to increased use of public transport.

Thus, OPTITRANS project supports transport planners and politicians, introduces novel transport policies, and makes public transport more attractive to passengers.

Due to it, the main idea of the Project is the development of a real action plan that can be financed with own and FEDER funds (or any other type of eligible funds) related to optimization of public transport and green mobility, with intention to achieve the funding of the actions proposed and to the real implementation of those actions. In the European project it is important to form a support group of experts who work on a strategy of influence on the actions that are designed/projected by Granada Energy Agency, and therefore of the Provincial Government of Granada, in matter of mobility. As well, we intend to create synergies in the proposal of all actions with stakeholders working in the metropolitan area of Granada and in the province of Granada. The main focus of the policies to be developed are the following ones:

•    Timetable integration
•    ICT Mobility, realtime and integrated information
•    Integrated ticketing
•    Multimodal mobility
•    P.T. Network
•    E-Mobility, E-Bike
•    Pedestrian mobility
•    On-Demand (be careful on resources)


1-. Granada Metro. Descargar aquí.

2-. Sustainable Mobility. Granada TownhallDescargar aquí.

3-. Car-Moto-Bike- sharing companies boom in Spain. Descargar aquí.

4a-. Pontevedra townhall pedestrialization integral projectDescargar aquí.

4b-. Pontevedra local companies agree with the planDescargar aquí.

5-. Provincial Council of Granada experience with School Safe Travel and sustianable mobility promotionDescargar aquí.

6-. Pilot experience of the Regional Government of Andalusia on transport on-demandDescargar aquí.

7-. Artificial inteligence applied to mobility. IRMAPP applicationDescargar aquí.

As well, you can learn more of the good practices presented in the following links:

More information on Granada Metro: https://metropolitanogranada.es/

More information on Sustainable Mobility of the Town Hall: http://www.movilidadgranada.com/

More information on Pedestrialization and integral proyect of PONTEVEDRA townhall: http://ok.pontevedra.gal/

Shared publication within the event “Less cars, more city” of Pontevedra townhall: http://www.pontevedra.gal/publicacions/menos-coches-cast/

More information about European STARS project and Safe School Travel in Granada Province: http://www.a21-granada.org/red-gramas/

Download here the “Manual de implantación de Caminos Escolares Seguros para pequeños y medianos municipios” guide: http://www.a21-granada.org/red-gramas/manual-de-implantacion-de-caminos-escolares-seguros-para-pequenos-y-medianos-municipios

To follow the progress of the project in social networks, please follow the hashtag: #OptiTransInterreg

More project information on the project’s official website: https://www.interregeurope.eu/OptiTrans/

More information on the call for European projects Interreg Europe: https://www.interregeurope.eu/

Walk, bike, use public transport, share a car, drive efficiently, and / or use efficient vehicles!, see the tips of the Andalusian Energy Agency here: Basic tips in Mobility

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