Neighbors for Climate – FAQ

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Q: What do I have to do to participate?

A: You just need to look for your ast year electricity bills. If you did not saved them, do not worry, we’ll tell you how to get them. Apart from that, you just need to want to make small changes.

Q: What is a energy neighborhood?

It is a group of between 5 and 15 families accepting the challenge of reducing its energy consumption by 9% in 4 months. Usually the are groups of friends, colleagues, members of an association, etc. They do not have to live at the same street but usually thet are in touch. Every energy neighborhood must designate one of its members as a energetic consultant, who will help them wining the contest. The energy consultant will help his/her team to save energy, receiving specific training and the needed tools to fulfill their mission.

Q: How do I know if I’m saving energy?

A: There is a calculation tool on this website where you (or your energetic consultant) can enter the data readings. The tool will calculate savings and will give you the percentage saved, compared to last year.

Q: How often should I take meter readings?

A: The best is once a week, but you can do it whenever you want. The most important readings are those taken on December 1st, when the contest begins, and March 31st, at the end.

Q: How will you help with the energy savings?

A: We will email you you tips and tricks and we will organize seminars with experts. You will also receive gifts such as energy saving light bulbs and power strip. You will also have access to an online tool that calculates the achieved savings.

P: I have a friend who wants to participate, but he does not have internet. Can he participate?

A: Of course. The energy consultant of the team can register on the website and enter his readings.

Q: I would like to be energy consultant, would it take me a lot of time?

A: You have to go to a training session on how to help your team members. Then, once the contest starts, it will not takek more than an hour a week.

Q: I think I do all I can to save energy at home, does it make sense to participate?

A: Many times you think that you can no longer do anything more, but there are always things you can discover. We hope we can give you some new ideas to help you to save even more. You can also participate as a energy consultant and help your friends to also save energy.

Q: What do I gain by participating?

A: You will learn on how to reduce energy bills while the electricity price rises (you can save up to €100 per year) and you will also learn where you consume more energy at home. Also you can win a trip to Brussels if you are in the winning neighborhood team. Also you can make friends in the meetings to be organized and the great festival awards in which all neighborhoods energy team will meet.

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