Granada NetWork (Provincial Council of Granada covenant 2007-2011)




The object of this covenant is the promotion of actions aimed to reduce energy demand and energy consumption in local activities that develop the province as a result of the provision of local services, as well as the modernization life prolongation of municipal facilities and equipment and promoting the implementation and use of renewable energy.
To this objetive, the Provincial Council of Granada launched in 2008 the “Climate Protection Provincial Plan 20-11” bringing a change in the energy model of the province of Granada supported on efficiency savings, clean energy support, public awareness and institutional information and the proposed alternatives to urban and transportation models.
This action is in line with the objectives set by the new European initiative ‘Covenant of Mayors’, of which Provincial Council of Granada is a partner, participating as a support structure for the municipalities of the province.

The Plan is structured into different actions, among which are municipal investments designed to obtain energy saving, renewable energy production, incorporation of ICTs related to energy development to municipal management, including design criteria in the mobility and urban planning, training and promotion, etc…


All programs managed by the Provincial Energy Agency of Granada are, in general, for local municipalities and autonomous unlimited population. However, some programs may establish specific requirements regarding the type of local agency may request or limit the population.

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Proyecto Granada NetWork (Provincial Council of Granada covenant 2007-2011)

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