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Go ahead!, save energy and money with the t Neighbours for Climate projec.

In the province of Granada, these municipalities have joined the initiative: Armilla, Busquístar, Cúllar Vega, Las Gabias, Guadix, Huetór Tajar, Huétor Vega, Maracena, Marchal, Motril, Montejícar, Padul, Santa Fé, La Taha, Villanueva del Mesía, y La Zubia, definitely involved with neighborhood groups that have already joined the municipalities of Armilla, Cúllar Vega, Guadix, Huetór Tajar, Huétor Vega, Maracena, Padul, Santa Fé, y La Zubia.

If you are not a resident of these municipalities and you want to participate unofficially, you call call us at any time to the Provincial Energy Agency (958 28 15 51) to get involved, despite you are not currently working in the European competition. If you were a resident of any of these municipalities, you could enroll in the European competition “Neighbors for Climate” to save more than 9% of the energy through behavior changes (with the consequent money savings) between December 1st 2012 and March 31st 2013.

By participating in the project, you will have a weekly saving tips newsletter to use them at home as well as direct assistance from your Energy Advisory Group, which in turn will support your municipality and the Provincial Energy Agency of Granada . If you want to save energy, is the time to seize the provided resources and improve your good habits for 4 months.

If you want to participate officially in Neighbours for Climate, the registration period is until November 30th, 2012, you should take your reading of electricity / natural gas data between 1st and 7th December (this data is essential to participate in the European competition: the closer December 1st, the best).

See the brochure here

Download the participant´s manual here.

Join the proyect, call us at 958 28 15 51 or send us an email with your name, residence´s location, email, group members, and group name to

[email protected] with the email subjet “Neighbours for climate” registration form

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In previous editions, we have reached 38% of energy savings and an a average of around 15% of money savings. Read the comments of the participants of previous editions:

“We replaced all conventional light bulbs with energy saving lamps, we detected all appliances standby lights and we have been aware of our energy consumption in general. We had to change our lifestyle, small changes will really achieve the savings. “

Quote of Energy Advisory winning team of Sweden.

“I thought our new energy consumption habits would not last, bad habits are hard to avoid. However, the follow-up period was long enough to change our behavior, getting us to act automatically and sustainable. For example: now we turn off immediately the dishwasher, as I close the door when I leave the house … I’m used to it! the importance of energy saving has spread to other devices, not just bulbs! We had to buy a dryer but decided to do it, waiting a little longer and save enough to buy a  class A device.  Small energy saving actions are now steady and sustained! “

Quote of an italian Energy Advisory

Como funciona
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Neighbors for Climate is a contest in which you can participate with teams to combat climate change. Encourage your friends, neighbors or colleagues to form group with you. It is important that the group is made up of people who are regularly in contact.

You compete with teams of 5 persons minimum and 15 maximum, called Energy Neighbourhoods. Each Neighborhood Energy appoint one member to be the Energy Advisor, who will represent the group.

The aim is to save energy at home between December 1st and March 31st. There is a web page that calculates the savings. The Energy Advisor will be responsible for introducing the consumption data of each member of your Energy Neighborhood into the web page. Then the web page will calculate the savings achieved by the group. The Neighborhood group achieving better savings will win.

To save energy all members of the Neighborhood receive tips and best practices as well as a welcome gift, including tools to help them to save energy (light bulbs, timers, etc).

Reference consumption

This it is the consumption before the contest. It is used to compare the current consumption and to calculate the percentage of savings. It is obtained from electricity bills and gas.

Current consumption

This is the consumption while the competition. You get it by reading the electricity and gas meter.

The price

The prize is a trip to Brussels for 4 members of the winning Neighborhood. There they will participate in the international awards meeting of all countries participating in Neighbours for Climate!.

To parcipate

Send the following data before November 30th to [email protected]  in an email with the subjet “Neighbours for climate”

Name and surname



Group members number

Group name

Join “Neighbours for climate”, save and win!


Maria Jesus Con

[email protected]

T. 958 28 15 51

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