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Biomass boilers in our municipalities with schemes ESE

In the province of Granada, for years now, there has been a commitment to the progressive change of old boilers based on fossil fuels to Biomass boilers or other types of applications based on Renewable Energies. In this way, different studies have already been carried out in most of the municipalities of the province, grants have been processed and several boilers have been installed in public buildings.:

12010LASIAN130 kWSchoolsPolyfuelLa Malaha
42010LASIAN130 kWSchoolsPolyfuelChauchina
22011D’ALESSANDRO100 kWAGS BuildingsPolyfuelFuente Vaqueros
92011HERGON81 kWLCS BuildingsPolyfuelMoclín
122013LASIAN90 kWSchoolsPolyfuelZagra
42014KWB82 kWAGS BuildingsPolyfuelAlbolote
42014CLIMA TERMOMECCANICA321 kWSports FacilityPolyfuelChurriana de la Vega
42014KWB100 kWSchoolsPolyfuelOgíjares
12014CLIMA TERMOMECCANICA160,5 kWSchoolsPolyfuelPinos Puente
12014CARSAN50,1 kWSports FacilityPolyfuelSanta Fe
32014LASIAN57,5 kWSports FacilityPolyfuelVegas del Genil
22015CLIMA TERMOMECCANICA241 kWSchoolsPolyfuelLas Gabias
22015CLIMA TERMOMECCANICA321 kWSchoolsPolyfuelLa Zubia

However, in the situation of economic scarcity in which our municipalities find themselves today, it is complicated to bet on new investments in many cases. For this reason, this programme of municipal agreements aims to support the municipalities of Granada so that they can switch to the use of Biomass or other “green” energies through financial schemes designed for this purpose.

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