Greetings from the President

The Granada Provincial Council supports the development of new energy production technologies that can bring about environmental improvements, promote the local economy and use the indigenous resources available in the province.

Therefore, through the activities carried out by the Granada Provincial Energy Agency, work is carried out to provide more and better advice to the municipalities of Granada, funds are raised to promote investment and information and dissemination work is carried out to inform and disseminate existing possibilities to the public.

Among the different activities developed by the Granada Provincial Council through the Granada Provincial Energy Agency, support is given to any initiative that may result in the promotion of new activities that help to export technology and create wealth among the participating parties.

In the province of Granada we mainly have important resources of sun, wind and biomass, although the province’s geothermal and water resources are not negligible. The existing potential can be analysed in the Atlas de las Energías Renovables de la provincia de Granada (Atlas of Renewable Energies in the province of Granada). Once this potential has been confirmed, it is therefore very important to take advantage as far as possible of the autochthonous resources that we have that help to minimise imports, reduce our environmental impact and promote the local economy (for example, photovoltaic production in Granada is very high because in our area two unusual factors are combined, such as many hours of sunshine per year and a lot of cold during a good part of the year).

This website provides some key questions to orientate oneself in this new framework, unknown to a large part of the population but essential to understand both the transcendental changes that are taking place and the resistance that hinders and slows them down.

Ana María Muñoz Arquelladas

President of the Provincial Energy Agency of Granada

Deputy Delegate of the Area of Employment and Sustainable Development of the Granada Provincial Council